Shanghai Sutong Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Sutong) is an innovative high-tech company, specializing in smart parking product development, and is committed to solve the urban parking problems by using IoT and Big Data technology. Our wireless vehicle detectors, specifically developed for the city-level smart parking platform applications, can cover flat garage parking, multi-story parking with lifters, street parking and more. Shanghai Sutonghas developed industry-leading proprietary sensor technology for detecting cars the on-road orin-parking, and is the firstholistic smart parking equipment provider in China,.

In 2016, shortly after the NB-IoT global standard was finalized, Shanghai Sutong,partnered with Huawei, developed and launched the NB-IoT smart parking products, and now has smart parking products that are validated by all the telecom operators for their NB-IoT networks in China. Many commercial projects are successfully impletmented.